Jaime Santeler

Jamie Holly Santeler isn’t used to being in the limelight. She’s a middle school coach, a doting mother, and a loving wife. And she loves tattoos. Just weeks after having the finishing touches put on her back piece, she heard about a sexy tattoo competition. She entered on a whim and ended up winning the competition. Part of the prize involved being featured in Sexy Ink.

Jamie, what’s something people would be surprised to know about you?
The fact that I have my whole back covered with ink because in my profession, I have to keep that hidden from people. It’s fun to get people’s reactions when they see it.

Tattoos aren’t very pervasive in school environments. How did you first get lulled into the tattoo lifestyle?
When I graduated high school, I went to Temple College in Temple, Texas on a full softball scholarship. About half of the team went out and got their first tattoo. That was in the fall of ’99 and since then, I have always just wanted more and wanted them to be more extreme. I just see the artistic side of it, and I love the symbolism they can have. I think tattoos show a person’s personality and appreciation for art.

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