Lisa Zee

Lisa Zee

She has a passion for animals and is studying towards her PhD in Zoology. She hopes to one day open up her own rehabilitation and conservation center for endangered species. She’s also a spokes model for “Helping Heal Heroes” – a charity that helps severely wounded military members and veterans. Lisa, we salute you!

You have a very distinct look, what is your ethnicity?
I’m half Croatian, and the other half is a mix of German, English, French and Czech. My dad came to the states from Croatia when he was just 8 years old, so I’m pretty influenced by our ethnicity.

What are your measurements?
34-25-36. I have big hips!

Sexy hourglass! Which one of your ass-ets would you say is your best feature?
That’s a hard one! I really like my booty… and my stomach a lot though too. I guess simply because my waist is tiny compared to my wide hips and butt, which I really like! I kind of have an hourglass shape on a small frame! And who doesn’t like a girl that’s packing some booty?

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