Miss Ivi

Miss Ivi

She’s as sexy as they get – Miss Ivi has an enviable figure, seductive eyes and a rockin’ attitude. With more than 15 piercings and numerous tattoos, this German-born beauty has done her share of globe-trotting in the world of pin-up. Here’s our exclusive interview with the femme fatale.

You were recently featured as the face of Medwedeff Vodka, what was that like?
I can say that I am super honored to have been chosen for this feature, to follow in the footsteps of other great artists who have worked for Medwedeff before, like Angelina Jolie. I am on the cover of it and it is a limited edition bottle. I am also the only tattooed pin up girl in the world that can be on the Medwedeff vodka bottle. You can order it online at www.medwedeff.de

I’ve seen you on the cover of several magazines – from Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Japan, Brazil, Spain – it seems like you’ve already conquered the globe. What’s next for you?
Next would be coming to Los Angeles and be a part of a video for a Swiss rock star. I also have a TV show which is coming out in September!

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