Sarah Marie Summer

Sarah Marie Summer

She’s an exotic beauty from New Zealand. At only 21 years old, Sarah Marie Summer is making waves in the pinup world. Sexy. Sultry. Sassy. Here’s a sneak peek into Sarah’s world.

Tell me about your tattoos. What was your first one and why?
I was a bit of a rebel and got my first tattoo on my 16th birthday. I took my birthday money and went down to my local tattoo parlor and got a hello kitty on each forearm – an angel on the left and a devil on the right. The reason I chose to get that as a tattoo was my love for Hello Kitty since I was a toddler and I’ve always felt that being born on the cusp (Leo/Virgo) I have a prominent naughty and nice side! Since then, I have amassed quite a collection.

Tattoos often tell a story. What do some of them mean to you?
I have ‘The Star’ tarot card which I got because it is my goal within my career is to become a star – its original meaning is also very positive and one I want to wear for life as good fortune.

On my right wrist I have the quote “everything I touch turns to gold” which for me is a little affirmation quote to keep telling myself that I can do anything I want, I am capable and not doubting myself.

And on each ankle, I have matching floral designs which have adifferent Beatrice Potter character on them (Jemima Puddle Duck & Peter Rabbit). This is in remembrance of happy times when my Grandpa was still alive. Sounds so cheesy but he had a beautiful garden and used to read me Beatrice Potter books. I absolutely adore her art work and wanted to get them to symbolize my love for the happy times I shared with him.

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