Ally Nova

Texas City

About Me: 
Born and raised in a small town, got out after high school and joined the Navy. I did my four years and came running back to my small town. I go to school now and work a few modeling jobs when they come up. I’m Costa Rican and…50 shades of, white. I’m pretty hilarious, or so i’ve been told.

My First Tattoo: 
Something I begged my dad to let me get on my 16th birthday in Costa Rica. It’s a little bitty stamp, that may or may not be in the tramp area.

My Favorite Tattoo: 
Either my tortoise or giraffe. I love them both, please don’t make me choose.

My Last Tattoo: 
My tortoise! It’s and african spurred, crawling out of a stack of books. Compton, my artist, drew it up for me prior to a convention he was working. I sat for 8 hours. -__- so I enjoy getting questioned about it. Like a new mother discussing how long they had to be in labor.

People That Inspire Me: 
Angelina Jolie, I have portrait on my ribs. She’s just such a rad person, especially in her younger days. I’ve read the biography, so I pretty much know her personally. 






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