Lindsay Catherine

Wichita, Kansas

About Me
Where to begin, I am a free spirited midwest girl. I was raised outside of Wichita, Kansas in a small town and graduated from a high school where everyone knew everyone and thought they knew your business also. That town will always have my heart and will always be a part of me, but as soon as I could leave the dirt roads and pastures I did. I attended college in Wichita and soon after moved to Kansas City. From the day I left I haven’t looked back I feel like things have just begun and I can’t to see what my future holds.

My First Tattoo
My first tattoo will forever and always be very meaningful to me. I have Que Sera Sera, meaning Whatever will be will be, on the middle part of my back. It was inspired by my Grandpa. He would always sing Que Sera Sera to me while we were in his truck driving around the country. That man taught me many things and I will always believe that Whatever will be will be…

My Favorite Tattoo
My favorite tattoo is my half sleeve of roses. I had always been attracted to roses because my Grandpa grew and loved them, so instead of waiting for a sweet boyfriend to buy me some on Valentines Day I decided to take matters into my own hands and put a few on my arm that I would forever have. It took me a long time to find an artist that I was willing to let tattoo the roses because I had a specific idea in mind. A few years after the idea I came in touch with Dennis Allen, which is now my tatoo artist until the day I die. He was able to take my idea and really make it beautiful and more than I had dreamed of. Lastly, I would say that this tattoo somewhat defines me for some reason when I do run into someone they say things like oh yeah I recognized you by your roses and that makes my day.

My Last Tattoo
My last tattoo was my religious sleeve. I was born and raised in the middle of nowhere Kansas, and one thing that was very big and important in my town was faith and religion. My sleeve features angel wings, a rosary, a heart, and many other details. I wanted something religious and feminine but nothing that really screams exactly what I believe rather its soft and just a general idea of religion.

People That Inspire Me
The people that inspire me tend to be people I am related to and grew up around. My Grandpa, Mom, and Dad will always be the people that I give credit to for each and every part of myself. I have a wild personality and those people are the very few that get my through and through and without them I would be nothing.








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