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About Me
I feel music and humor heals the soul especially blues and rock! I love laughter whether its yours or mine. I have a saying, “if your up for bad services and some verbal harassment, I am your bartender”. If I don’t have your sides splitting you will be crying from laughter! I have a few major passions in life that is being a mother to my wonderful son Aidan-Esai, old cars and motor scooters. Something about the process of breathing life into a curvy beauty as well as feeling freedom on a nice Autumn ride!

My First Tattoo
“SONI” upper left arm in Old English on my 18th birthday. Currently covered up by a full half sleeve dragon that wraps around from elbow to top of shoulder.

My Favorite Tattoo
Geisha quarter sleeve right arm, By Dave “Dup” Koenig of Liquid Courage Ink, Omaha Nebraska

My Last Tattoo
The tops of my feet are a pair by Gary Kuhn currently @ Texas Tattoo Emporium. Left foot has a blue sparrow with a ribbon that reads “LADY LUCK” with the suites of cards (diamond, clubs, hearts, spade). My right foot is a red sparrow with a ribbon that reads “MY RUIN” and a tilted martini glass.This is my most meaningful piece it was done on my 10 year sobriety (Oct 13.)

People that inspire me:
I am inspired by everyday people that have overcome obstacles,& have kept it together. Climbed the mountain no matter how many times it took to reach the top. People whom continue to forge and follow their dreams regardless of adversities. Hold their ground stead fast and will shout on rooftops in order to be heard!
To name a few: Mami, Claudia, Steven, Raven & Matt, Heather (RPM) & Dannny (CTC), the Gorillas (ATX), JHJR, and the Midgets. Especially the ones I calloborate to create some great photos! Lori & Jeff (KWP), and Michael MAC DAS (Because you get me!) <3

Photos: Digital Asylum Studios
MUAH: Soni Zamora

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