Kimber Ann

Sacramento, California

About Me
Kimber Ann has been a freelance model for quite some time. She graced the pages of Inked Magazine, Tattoo Magazine, Hot Rod Pinups and more. Based out of Sacramento California this beautiful vixen has a versatile look. Born in the Philippines Islands with a heritage of Filipino, Italian and English. Both of her parents traveled to California to give her and her brother a new life. While this femme fatale is off camera she is a proud mother of a gorgeous 2 year old daughter and has proven that you can be sexy, striking, confident, approachable, and in many ways be that modern women.

My First Tattoo
I got my first tattoo at the age of 19. It was a very small star in the middle of my upper back. Growing up, I was a day dreamer. Staring off into the distance and looking towards the sky. Day dreaming about my future and places I would go some day.

My Favorite Tattoo
I would say my favorite tattoo would be my quote that I personally wrote for my forearm. It is written in old Sanskrit Latin in which it translates to “Deeper Than Skin Beauty always within” Growing up as a shy nerdy girl who wasn’t miss popular or crowned miss homecoming queen. Was teased by a couple of boys, but kids are mean. I grew into my own skin and had my own meaning of what is beautiful.

My Last Tattoo
My recent tattoo is a chrysanthemum flower. A good friend Tobias Torres did an amazing job. But this isn’t my last. I’m planning on sleeving both of my arms real soon.

People That Inspire Me
My number one inspirational person is my loving Mother. This women has been such a hard worker all her life and supported me in every way. She is my biggest fan. From giving birth to three kids and one that passed away. This women has been giving all she could to make her family happy. From moving to a foreign country and leaving her family behind to give her own a new beginning. She has proven that no matter where you are in life you need to stay positive and keep moving forward if things don’t seem to go your way. I look up to her because she is the type of women I want to be. For myself and being a reflection for my daughter. “BEING A GOOD WOMAN” Having qualities of respect, integrity, trust worthy, good character and a kindred heart.

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