Brittany Bui










Age: 21
Profession: Bartender

Where were you born and raised?
I was born and raised in Circle Pines, a little suburb in Minnesota about 20 miles north of the Twin Cities. I moved to another suburb near the cities when I was 17. I continue to reside in Minnesota, and I’m starting to think I always will. As much as I say I want to leave here, it is inevitable that Minnesota born and raised individuals grow very attached to this state. I am no exception.

Growing up were there any people that influenced your decision on getting a tattoo?
When I was younger, I was big into “punk” culture, pop punk culture, rock culture or what have you. I was heavily influenced by the appearances of some of my favorite musicians. Ever since I was young, maybe 10 or 11, I always knew I wanted to become a canvas.

What made you decide to take the plunge and get your first one?
I had just recently graduated high school, I woke up one day and decided it was time for my first one. It was very spontaneous. I was instantly addicted and actually went back to another tattoo shop two days later to add to my first tattoo.

Do you have a favorite tattoo, and does it have a meaning behind it?
It’s hard to choose favorites. However, I am extremely fond of the elephant trees on my stomach and the Siamese twin doll on my upper right arm. I don’t put a whole lot of sentimental value into my tattoos. I’m mostly just interested in adequate art with aesthetic substance. I often just allow the artist to do as they please, with my minor consent of course. It makes for an interesting collage. Hence, the idea of being a canvas.

How did you get into modeling?
When I was 18 years old, working at Hooters (before all the tattoos arrived), I was convinced by an amazing photographer to try doing a shoot. I had heard from people my whole life that I should get into “modeling” but never really gave it a second thought. I did the photo shoot for fun, never thinking I would actually take the industry seriously. I created a Model Mayhem account and began working with other photographers (mostly for fun) and then quit for a while. I moved away, got covered in tattoos and then returned to my original residence. I then started shooting frequently with photographers such as KO3 and MP, and realized I may actually have a shot in this industry. I still remain unsigned and all that, but I am taking this side career a bit more seriously than I used to and I am really enjoying the results.

What or who are your inspirations?
My greatest source of inspiration is from “the haters”. If I didn’t have a group of individuals hoping and praying that I fail at what I do, I’d be nowhere. It is such incredible motivation to try and prove people wrong about what you’re capable of. I am also greatly inspired by my photographers. They are such a huge part of what I do and again, without them, I’d still be just about nowhere. I am an avid procrastinator, but I am constantly being pushed to get to work and produce awesome photos because of my awesome photographers.

What projects are you currently working on?
Right now, I have a few shoots vaguely planned out with some incredible photographers that I have not yet worked with. I am also working on getting published in some magazines. Other than that, I will be continuing to produce new works of art with my usual amazing photographers, working with local businesses, etc. 

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