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What made you get into photography?
While pursuing two degrees in college, I decided to take a blow off class just for fun. This class was “intro to photography,” a black and white 35mm film class. We didn’t learn anything about taking photos; however I immediately became addicted to the creative process. Developing the film, and then hours upon hours spent in the darkroom experimenting. The professor gave me a key and I’d be in there until 3am every morning. I had no idea what I was doing…but I was addicted. The professor was laid back and opened my eyes to creative freedom. It wasn’t until four years later that I fell into photography purely by accident.

How would you describe your photography style?
I’d describe my style as sexy/edgy! My style isn’t about your khakis, it’s about YOU. YOUR story. YOUR mood. YOUR inspiration. YOUR passion. As an artist, I literally need to feel it. I shoot everything with natural sunlight, or any other available light (street lights, candles, etc.) I also put a significant amount of effort into finding unique locations. I’m always taking road trips and trespassing because I absolutely love wrapping an insane location around something beautiful…and those beautiful things are usually my clients. As a retired professional athlete I spent a lot of time preparing and competing. Because of the physical demand required, I dug deep within my body and mind. I realized how powerfully motivating, and inspirational the human body can be. These physical & mentally dramatic emotions play a major role in how I approach photography.

Any photographers or artists influence my style?
My style stays true to who I am and what I think looks good. Although I certainly appreciate and respect other artists, I don’t let them influence what I do. My style will actually vary depending on what I’m going through in life. If I’m happy, upset, excited, anxious, my editing will vary significantly.

Did you study photography or are you self-taught?
Outside of my beginner black and white class, I’m 100% self-taught. I truly think that’s been an important key to my success. Being self-taught, I’ve never been under the scrutiny of technical guidelines. It’s my belief that photography is emotional, not technical. There’s obviously certain principles which will either negatively or positively affect a photo…however outside of that, as long as it looks good then there’s no wrong.

What do you feel is the most challenging thing about starting a photography business?
I feel the most challenging thing about a photography business is just that…the “business” side of things. I’m an artist, and am rarely motivated to handle the “business” stuff. I simply want to create!!! PLUS I’d rather go broke then do shoots which aren’t inspiring to me. So from a financial standpoint, it’s always a challenge generating new businesses which is both lucrative and inspiring. I’ve been fortunate to find a niche which allows me to successfully have both.

What do you love most about being a photographer?
The creative freedom. I’m self-employed! Every day I’m surrounded by things that I’m passionate about. I get to travel and explore. Constantly learning and evolving. Bottom line is I make a living working with beautiful girls in amazing locations, while everyone else is stuck in traffic. Not many people can say that.


Model: Alee Stark | © Tomas Mathew Photography


Model: Skyeann Giglio | © Tomas Mathew Photography


Model: Katie Lock | © Tomas Mathew Photography


Model: Marla Russel | © Tomas Mathew Photography


Model: Marla Russel | © Tomas Mathew Photography


Model: Kelsea Makalina | © Tomas Mathew Photography


Model: Gretchen Alfonso | © Tomas Mathew Photography


Model: Gretchen Alfonso | © Tomas Mathew Photography


Model: Gretchen Alfonso | © Tomas Mathew Photography


Model: Harlow Minx | © Tomas Mathew Photography


Model: Tiff Rides | © Tomas Mathew Photography


Model: Kayla Sickinger | © Tomas Mathew Photography


Model: Kayla Sickinger | © Tomas Mathew Photography


Model: Tessa Zurcher and Nicole Lewis | © Tomas Mathew Photography


Model: Gretchen Alfonso and Nicole Lewis | © Tomas Mathew Photography


Model: Nicloe | © Tomas Mathew Photography


Model: Alee Stark | © Tomas Mathew Photography


Model: Marissa | © Tomas Mathew Photography


Model: Gwendolyn Kaye | © Tomas Mathew Photography


Model: Karina | © Tomas Mathew Photography


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