Hugo V

It’s the dream job many would envy: creating art, photographing beautiful people, travelling cross-country, and getting to meet new and exciting people. Hugo Velasquez is on cloud 9. “I get to freeze time in a person’s life and capture a beautiful moment in their lives that they, and other generations can enjoy later on in life.” The 32 year old from Los Angeles defines his photography style as sexy but edgy. “When I am shooting, I am trying to create an image that is powerful, sexy, strong, colorful and full of emotion—typically a dark, sexy, seductive, yet somber emotion. I want to seduce my audience with the girl in the image.” And looking through his portfolio, it’s easy to fall in love with every image. There’s always an explosion of colors, of chaos… and then there’s a moment, entirely frozen that captures just the right gaze, the right mood that playfully beckons and reels you in. “I am definitely conscious of color when I shoot but in order for me to consider a photo great, I need very strong facial expressions, whether it is done with the eyes, mouth, or hair flow through the face. I like strong, crazy, contorted poses, lots of popping colors and very moody lighting. I have to be captivated too. If I don’t feel it, I can’t expect others to like it.”

Many artists would agree that in order to create, one must fully embrace the process of creating no matter what the medium. “For instance, a painter has paints, brushes, and a canvas. But the rest is up to the artist to create a painting once he has all his tools and materials. Musicians have musical instruments, microphones, speakers, etc…, the music won’t create itself just because you have the tools—you have to create. Photographers should go about it the same way. You use your camera, your light, your subject, and the location to create a piece of art: the photo.”

Read the full article and see Hugo’s work in the Spring 2014 issue of Sexy Ink!

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