Leah Jung

Her beauty is beyond compare
No one could ever match it.
Her gaze holds everyone’s stare
and they never dare to look away… for fear she might just be a dream.
Because she’s got everything.

Leah Jung truly does have everything: captivating looks, a stunning body, and the pomp and flair to pave her own path. She’s a model, actress and writer. Those are her lyrics from “Porceline.” The blonde beauty sings with passion and burning desire; her sultry vocals simply… seduce the soul.  And although she started off as a model first, don’t discount her singing abilities. “It might be assumed that a pretty mannequin-of-sorts surely can’t be a soulful and talented musician! I hope to pleasantly surprise people.” And that she has. So let’s learn more about this New York babe.

You’ve got some rockin’ and pretty distinctive tattoos. What does your body art reveal about you?
I’ve answered this before and the summarized response was “I don’t know and I don’t care.” Some time has passed since I said that, and now I believe that my body art conceals me more-so than it reveals me. It might attract attention, but generally my tattoos raise more questions than they answer.

A woman that is confident in her own skin – gotta love that! Tell me about your tattoos and the story behind them.
I have about 200 hours of tattoos from over a dozen different artists. Most of my tattoos were my own ideas and custom drawn by the tattoo artists. They all have a personal meaning except one or two that were done more-so just for the experience. But most recently, I am having Carl Grace from Las Vegas tattoo my whole back and I just had Eric Brown from Impulse Tattoo in New York tattoo a big lion on my hip.

I read somewhere that you had lasered off some of your body art. Why the change of heart?
Well, painter Paul Cézanne said “A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art,” and I agree. My body is an expression of myself. If I’m not expressing myself, I get painfully bored.

Read the full interview and see Leah’s photos in the Spring 2014 issue of Sexy Ink.


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