Liz Cook

True talent, in its most authentic state, has a way of materializing itself within its subject. Such was the case with Liz Cook who had been artistic her entire life but had no idea where her talent would lead her. Her road to becoming a professional tattoo artist took many detours before she finally found her calling. Or you can say it found her.

As a student at the University of North Texas, Liz knew that art would always be a key component in her life. Inspired by her late grandmother who was also an artist she received a Bachelor in Fine Arts. Her journey included many mediums and included a stint at a salon doing permanent beauty. She began dabbling in the art by creating small tattoos with family and friends although she wasn’t quite sure where that would take her. It wasn’t until she travelled to Australia in 2008 on a working visa that the opportunity to apprentice opened up right before her. “Becoming a tattoo artist just happened. I got lucky with an apprenticeship at a good shop with decent people who were just trying to do the right thing”, she explains. It didn’t take long for her to realize she “was on to something and that this could be her career. She began tattooing in 2009 and in these short years has truly made her mark in the professional world of tattooing.

Cook specializes in Horror, Portraits, Realism and Pin-Ups and explains that these styles suit her because “she can see them before she does them”.  I think these just happen to be what I’m better at and they just make sense in my head. I have a super appreciation for all kinds of other art.”  Understanding what an artist is naturally good at is important but Cook knows there is more to that concept if you really want to evolve as an artist. Her thought process? “Expose yourself to everything and do the type of work that makes you happy. Individuality will eventually happen”.

Read the full article and see Liz’s work in the Spring 2014 issue of Sexy Ink!

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