Vanessa Lake

Vanessa Lake has a look so distinct, it’s hard not to stare. She oozes seduction. The fiery redhead is amongst the most recognizable alternative models in the world. But enough with the chit chat, let’s jump right in!

With a body like yours, you’re every girl’s envy and every man’s desire. What do you consider your best attribute?
Either my eyes or my lips.

In my extensive research, which mainly involved ogling your photos, I also read you never really intended to become a model. How’d you end up in front of the camera?
My friend had this idea to make a cool rope bikini, bondage style and I was his model for that. That started it for me.

Your friend deserves free drinks for LIFE. And so do your tattoo artists. Tell us about your first piece of body art.
The first tattoo I got is on my left inside forearm and is of a half pinup girl/half scissors. She has scissor legs. It’s really cool. I got it years ago. I love all my tattoos, I can’t decide on a favorite. Jime Litwalk and Adam Hathorn are my tattoo artists. I don’t plan on getting any more, but who knows.

Not only do you model, but you also do hair and make-up? Tell us a little more about that.
I work in a really nice hotel in Beverly Hills so celebrities are everywhere. Once I got on the elevator and I’m standing next to Beyonce and JayZ. That was pretty crazy. And one time I went into the gym and Robert Deniro is on the treadmill like no big deal. I had to make an effort not to stare.

Read the full interview and see Vanessa’s photo’s in the Spring 2014 issue of Sexy Ink!

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