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The visual world of today has become a mecca for aspiring models & photographers. Scroll through your social media sites and it’s not hard to find a sexy photo that you like. There’s the tattooed girl in lingerie, cutoffs, a cropped white t-shirt, sneakers, & of course the bikini. I say paint a different kind of canvas! Let fashion be your voice and research what you like and what suits your taste! You’ll create a voice for your look rather than being just another inked model.

“The only real elegance is in the mind; if you’ve got that the rest really comes from it.” –Diana Vreeland

We must use what we already have before going out and spending what we don’t. Here are some guidelines for leveling up your photo shoots:

  1. Sort through your closet and separate everything into piles: Jewelry, Sunglasses, Hats, Scarves, Lingerie, Bikinis, etc.
  2. Weed through clothes you absolutely love, like, & don’t need anymore.
  3. Begin to pair looks together that you feel make a well-dressed outfit.
  4. Separate your closet looks: Casual, Elegant, Sexy, Edgy, High-Fashion, etc.
  5. Sell any unusable items or donate.

This technique is a sure way to be ready for any photo opportunity that comes your way! Organization is probably the best skill to have in order to be a stylish person. If everything is on the floor, sloppily tucked in drawers, or stashed in bags you’ll never be able to adorn your body with the right pieces. So get your spring cleaning done ahead of schedule! When the sun is shining and you’re feeling your absolute best, you can make the most of your valuable photography time!

Another great piece of advice, follow some DIY blogs to get inspiration for saving a buck! One of my favorite go-to sites is This is a plethora of ideas just waiting to go off like a light bulb in your brain. There is insight on fashion, food, photography, DIY, jewelry, art, and more!

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Here’s a look I styled recently that transforms this Inked Goddess into a walking advertisement for Jump From Paper (!

Inked Model: Krista Palmer Styled by: Misty Mason Photography by: Johnny Walter
Inked Model: Krista Palmer
Styled by: Misty Mason
Photography by: Johnny Walter

Header Image: Model: Misty Mason | Shot by: Joel Armory | Shop the look at: Collective Status (

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