Not Your Basic

Sure, we’d all love to stay on top of every trend and incorporate them into our daily style. But who has time to spend on research when you can barely fit time in to shop? Most of us are reliant on sifting through articles quickly to absorb our news. My research this month has shown me that many outfits are being curated in a very minimalist approach. It’s easy & effortless style that will keep you focused on other tasks during the busy week. Not to mention less is more right!

A soft military look & mesh fabric are some of my favorite styles this spring. Hues such as white, olive, sage, melon, & nude pair well with just about any great accessory or shoe. The even better news for the ‘Girl on the Go’ is that you won’t need much else to stand out. These colors look extremely vibrant on tan skin tones, so maybe a little sun action!

Model: Misty Mason
Photo: Johnny Walter
Clothing: Baby Ghost


Delicate jewelry is a subtle statement to make when wearing these Italian-esque ensembles. A great company to save you time & money on your staple pieces is Rocksbox ( They allow you to have unlimited access to designer jewelry at the touch of your fingertips. Make sure to use my code ‘bleedgoldxoxo’ to get a month free!



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