Charlette Webb

Charlette Webb


Photo: Carey P Photography


Photo: Carey P Photography


Photo: Carey P Photography


Photo: Carey P Photography


Photo: Carey P Photography


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Photo: Carey P Photography


Photo: Carey P Photography


Photo: Carey P Photography


Photo: Carey P Photography


Where were you born and raised?
I was born in Washington, raised in Florida.

Growing up were there any people that influenced your decision on getting a tattoo?
My family influenced me being brought up as a military brat, also pushing me to join the Coast Guard. That Definitely influenced my decision and helped me to financially get the big tattoo I wanted.

Do you have a favorite tattoo, and does it have a meaning behind it?
My glove is my favorite, when I had my hand tattooed, I knew I always wanted to work for myself. I knew that it would close some doors for me but also open others. Seeing how my family was, I knew that I didn’t want to make my whole life about making money thus the dollar sign on my middle finger. I wanted freedom, I got a Hamsa which is for protection against all evils: hate, envy, greed, disease, and not even just from others but from myself. Every time I look down at my hand I remember. Clouds and the tree of life extending from my forearm. Symbolism can’t grow with out rain.

How did you get into modeling?
I had a friend who knew a guy looking for a tattoed girl for a car shoot. I served tables after I got out of the C.G. not making that much, he said he would give me a great paycheck as much as I would make waiting tables all day in 2 hours. There I met my now friend and photographer Carey P, he loved my look and helped me with the knowledge I needed to start working for myself and told me about model mayhem. (This was when I only had wings and a side.)

What or who are you’re inspirations?
My inspiration in life is to leaving it a better place than when I came into it.

The inspirations of my tattoos were from living in Florida learning that I am one with the ocean, I wouldn’t feel right if I wasn’t near it. My sleeve represents some of this, my manatee calf tattoo is one of my best memories. I was at Blue Springs State Park swimming above a manatee family and seeing the mother push-up her calf for air, also going to Hawaii I was an awe. It is a dream of mine to live in Hawaii at least for a year traveling through the islands. My Rainbow represents the beauty after the storm and for my bisexuality, The siren is to remind me how something so beautiful can also be deceptive. At the end of my sleeve on my chest the word persevere.

My side pieces represent my family bloodline, also the air and water. My left thumb represents love and on my ring finger I have the fem sign showing the that possession is my own. Being a open-minded free individual I feel that no one should possess each other. Just love.

My left forearm represents equality for sexuality, color, gender, age, culture, religion.

My sock piece is an anime called Princess Mononoke that’s about how animals used to have souls and could talk during the Industrial revolution one of my favorite movies very touching.

My neck tattoo is for my astrological sign Sagittarius.

What projects are you currently working on?
New projects I’m working on are getting internationally published, also I’m starting a YouTube channel to share my thoughts and views, trying to bring as much humanitarianism into social media as I can.


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