Walk this Way

By Misty Mason

As the summer winds down, the between moments before fall swiftly approach. This is the time stores will mark down warm-weathered clothing and shove fall trends in your face. However, it’s the perfect time to stock up for next year and the worst time to overload yourself with a new fall wardrobe. Regardless of what you buy, it can result in filling up your closet with items that simply take up space. Dig for the gold instead, limit the shopping spree to alluring colors, vivid patterns, and the year-round favorite- animal print!

Photo by Johnny Cinematic

If there is one quality we all possess, it’s the need to impulsively spend! As soon as the eye catches something fabulous, we hold onto it and continue shopping. The problem is, there are too many things far better or just as good- resulting in a full bag. As soon as the clerk gives us a total, out of fear for embarrassment, we tend to spend way more than what we have to purchase. Here are five simple rules for cheating the system to get what you want without the panic attack after:

  1. Look for a color, cut, and style that stands out above the rest. If the item you’re seeking does not have all three characteristics, toss it.
  2. Always look at the price first so it doesn’t take your breath away when you get to the register.
  3. Limit yourself to a few items that you can realistically wear any time of year or at the very least a few times during the season.
  4. ALWAYS make time to try your selections.
  5. Before going to check out, weed through the items one final time and ask yourself if you will be happy once you get home. Take pride in your new purchase and clean your closet, so that the fresh items and clean space instantly bring a smile when it’s time to wear them. Freshly on Fleek!
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These simple tricks will make shopping a much more enjoyable experience. Everyone wants to look their best! Can you if you’re worried about finances, looking out of place, or everything else under the sun? Take time for YOU and what YOU like.

Photo by Johnny Cinematic

Don’t allow the pressures of needing to try the newest styles or the next season bring you down. Most boutiques need to keep up with these practices so they can maintain a healthy business. Stick to what you’ve learned and everyone will profit. Walk this way and you will always be in style!

Photo by Johnny Cinematic

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