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Karlee Jane

Walking away from Bullshit like… ✋🏼

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Where were you born and raised? 
LA Born, Desert Raised. Palm Springs baby!

When you were growing up, did you always imagine you would be tattooed? 
To this extent definitely not! haha. Especially with my face tattooed.

I started getting tattooed really young & I fell in love with body art. I think 13 Y/O me would be stoked on future karlee.

Do you, the rest will follow. 💎

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Do you have a favorite tattoo, if so, which one and why? And, do you have any ink that you wish you could cover up or be rid of entirely?
I think I’ve grown to love my eyebrow tattoo the most. It’s carried the strongest message the last few years i’ve been collecting Pieces around the US.

I reallyyyy want to cover up or re-work these shitty cherry blossoms on my thigh, I dont know what 18 Y/O me was thinking lolll

What influenced you to get into modeling? Were you always on the path to being a model?
I was on a totally different path when I first moved to LA of graphic design and art school.

I got asked often to help out my photo major friends with projects, I just loved being in front of a camera.

I started booking projects on model mayhem around 2010.

✖️ @angrymoondotnet ✖️

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What things do you do in your spare time that your fans do not know about?
I LOVE to cook, I Really enjoy getting creative with food.

Some business do not allow tattoos in the workplace, have you encountered any problems with this?
Not in my adult life, mostly the occasional judgemental passerby in a public setting.

I create for a living as a professional photographer/editor allows me the freedom to Look how I want to.

What is your funniest tattoo memory?
I was getting my hand tattooed in my hometown tattoo shop, I ended up getting tattooed by a friends 10 year old son that day.

Taking home a “Jake the dog” outline from adventure time!

As tattoos are becoming more and more accepted, do you think even Hollywood fashion models will adopt a ‘tattooed’ look.
Fersure!! Especially as social media outlets grows. I’ve seen a lot of the “alternative” fashion or “edgy” cultures like piercings or tattoos being more accepted, or added into major magazines. It’s refreshing Picking up a major mag & seeing a model w/ a half sleeve or fake piercings.

Are you planning on getting some fresh ink anytime soon?
I’m booking the next session on my back piece from mario daggett. Aiming on finishing my back piece this year!

Who is your Instagram ‘Man Crush Monday/Woman Crush Wednesday’?
My #MCM is @DaneVaughn. I love @Graceneutral definite #WCW

•Color My Life With The Chaos of Trouble• #PurpleHaze 🔮

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