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Isla Burkitt

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Where were you born and raised?
I was born and raised on the Gold Coast, QLD, AUS.

When you were growing up, did you always imagine you would be tattooed? 
Tattoo’s were always something growing up I was absolutely obsessed with. I loved the concept of being able to display such beautiful and meaningful art on my body. As soon as I knew what they were i was certain they would be a big apart of me someday. 

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Do you have a favorite tattoo, if so, which one and why? And, do you have any ink that you wish you could cover up or be rid of entirely?
My favorite tattoo.. hmmm, its so hard to choose I love them all so much! Although my favorite would have to be my biggest, which is my back. My Chakras have very significant meaning to myself and the life I lead. 

What influenced you to get into modeling? Were you always on the path to being a model?
To be honest as a child i was very shy, it wasn’t until people started asking me when i was younger if i was a model that I even considered it, i jumped out of my comfort zone and saw that it was something I could potentially do well with. Especially with the artwork that i have there was numerous people interested in shooting with me to display my work.

Friday flashbacks to one of my fave shoots 💜 @deekayfotografie

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What things do you do in your spare time that your fans do not know about?
In my spare time with my partner I shoot weddings, which for me is very special. I love being apart of something so beautiful and providing someone with memories that will last a lifetime. So as well as being in front of the camera i also enjoy being behind it. 

Some business do not allow tattoos in the workplace, have you encountered any problems with this?
Prior to my hand tattoo all of my tattoos were very well hidden, I’ve found that since i have had my hand tattoo it had been a little harder to find work as they were always prioritizing someone without visible ink. However, I do not regret my decision and the right job has presented itself and i am very happy that i can have the best of both worlds. 

What is your funniest tattoo memory?
I get a lot of attention for my back piece, the most interesting was when someone came up from behind and lifted up my shirt without me being aware, obviously as soon as I felt someone lifting my shirt i turned around instantly.. not getting upset at them they explained they just wanted to see some of my beautiful work as they noticed some of it up my neck… I’m quite nice when it comes to things like that whereas I know some females can be quite rude about it. 

Every time I get tattooed its kind of a tradition to go in with a bag of lollies to munch on while my artist does his thing, such a good excuse to eat bad things.

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As tattoos are becoming more and more accepted, do you think even Hollywood fashion models will adopt a ‘tattooed’ look.
I don’t think so, I feel as though tattoo’s are still discriminated against.. maybe in another life but not this one. 

Are you planning on getting some fresh ink anytime soon?
I would love to complete my back and start of my leg, but all in good time. 🙂

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Who is your Instagram ‘Man Crush Monday/Woman Crush Wednesday’?
Man crush would have to be the one and only @whoiselijah, he is just gorgeous & I love his work. With 1.9m followers I’m assuming so do a lot of other people to


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