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Cassie Blanca


Where were you born and raised?
Las Vegas, NV

When you were growing up, did you always imagine you would be tattooed?
I remember growing up I was very fascinated by tattoos. I was always artistic and self expressive as a child and teen, but I didn’t imagine having them due to being nervous about the pain. Shortly after turning 18 I finally planned a tattoo I’d want and got up the courage to go get it done. The pain was actually not bad and quite therapeutic!

Do you have a favorite tattoo, if so, which one and why? And, do you have any ink that you wish you could cover up or be rid of entirely?
I have more than one favorite tattoo! One of them is an Ariel (Disney’s Little Mermaid) on my forearm. I used to dress up and volunteer as her for children and charity events a few years back. So it’s special and symbolic to me for that.

There is one tattoo I one day want to cover.. it’s a Celtic trinity knot on the back of my shoulder. The lines are blown out and it’s not as well done as it could’ve been.

What influenced you to get into modeling? Were you always on the path to being a model?
I just was always an artistic oddball, enjoyed being creative in painting, theater, etc. I started being a muse for friends needing a model in their photography projects in high school and college. So, it slowly but surely rolled into being something I Β enjoyed more and more. It’s great when a hobby you love can turn into something you can love doing professionally also!

What things do you do in your spare time that your fans do not know about?
I love to read… I have a wide collection of books and comics. I love to sing. I’m very shy with it though and usually just sing in the car or shower haha. I also like to play video games when I can. Since I moved from my hometown, it’s been a cool way to keep in touch with some family and friends.

Some business do not allow tattoos in the workplace, have you encountered any problems with this?
Yes actually. I was a waitress for a good number of years, and as I got more tattoos on my forearms, I had to always wear long sleeves to work.

Ooh Dream Weaver ✨ So in love with these photos working with @radiant_inc πŸ’– It’s wonderful to work with such talented creatives during a photo shoot. Everything from the beauty styling and apparel, to the photography and editing. I’m appreciative of those in this industry who work together to benefit each other to create works of art! I’m grateful for the greatness coming into my life thanks to so many wonderful artists, businesses, and friends! πŸ’œ Muah and Styling: @annaleebelle πŸ’– Robe: @daintyrascal Lingerie: @secretsinlace Location: @frightdome Happy Thursday everyone! ✨ #model #altmodel #pinup #pinupmodel #pinupgirl #blonde #babe #girlswithtattoos #lingerie #pretty #dreamy #glam #glamour #classic #vintage #oldhollywood #modern #dark #photoshoot #lasvegas #thankful #happythursday #xoxo

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What is your funniest tattoo memory?
I have a lot of Disney tattoos, so I love when people notice them. Even have had parents point them out to their kids. So not any funny memories really, but more cute.

As tattoos are becoming more and more accepted, do you think even Hollywood fashion models will adopt a β€˜tattooed’ look. (I.E. A trend?)
Well, with television shows and movies depicting tattoo artists and people with ink more and more, I feel the acceptance will continue to grow. Tattoo artists and models have actually become somewhat celebrities due to reality shows and social media. I don’t know if everyone will ever adopt into the tattoo look or accept it; everyone has their opinion. But at least now more than ever tattoos are making a staple in the mainstream world.

Are you planning on getting some fresh ink anytime soon?
Yes! I just recently moved to LA area, and have been dying to get some work done by these local talented artists. Can’t wait to share the ink ideas I have once I get them done!

Who is your Instagram β€˜Man Crush Monday/Woman Crush Wednesday’?
Ahah I’m bad at narrowing these things down. I’d say my Instagram Man Crush Monday would be @robertplantofficial and @mickjagger. Classic rock music definitely has my heart, and many of the greats aren’t here anymore. I always show mad love and support to those that are.

And my Instagram Woman Crush Wednesday would be a good group of my model and pinup girlfriends. I’ve made so many friends through the modeling industry and Instagram, I adore them all and am so grateful to have them in my life!

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