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Born in Croatia, Nea Dune is a international modeling, acting, and dancing sensation! With a multitude of magazine covers, this tattoo’d beauty has been in multiple  high ranking magazines such as: Tattoo Kulture, Gorgeous Freaks, Hair & Beauty, and Kultur.

Nea may be most recognizable at the moment with her newest acting role in The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Ms Dune played one of the yellow Contraxia love-bots in the scene when Yondu gets approached at the alien red light district by the Nova Corps. With her skills as a model and makeup artist – Ms Dune transformed the character into a memorable one; sure to attract attention from fans, photographers, and spectators alike.

Focusing on one aspect of your multi-faceted lifestyle, which part do you find to be the most fulfilling?
Acting became my passion and the main reason for moving across the  pond! Working with actors I’ve been watching since childhood and playing an array of different characters are truly fulfilling and I am extremely happy to be able to have fun for a living!

At what age did you find yourself to be most inspired by tattoos? What was your first tattoo and how many do you have at the moment?
I’ve loved tattoos and art, especially realism, and have been drawing/creative ever since I was a kid. After doing a ton of sketches and tattoo designs for my friends, I got my first tattoo when I was 16 and my mom signed the paperwork. At the time it was advertised as a bio-tattoo and is now part of my biomechanical corset, forming the shape of the sleeping xenomorph. I like to say I only have 3 tattoos since they form a coherent story: back+bum piece, underboob duo and low on belly. All of them are very personal and extremely detailed, so people usually get shocked when they find out how many hours it took to get them done!

Photo: Quantography

Are you planning another tattoo anytime soon? If so what are your ideas or your first choice of artist? Do you have a favorite tattoo artist, or, who’s work inspires you the most?
I think I am done for now! I just had my buttocks done in January by Paul Booth. I was on his waiting list since the end of 2011 and lucked out to have caught him in L.A. when he had a last minute opening. I love his dark biomech work and am glad I finally got his work on me, combined with dope geekiness from Marvel and Star Wars with some Aurora Borealis. Shot a few gorgeous sets with new bum ink & they’re all lined up for publications coming up. Stay tuned =)

With your many jobs and skills, do you find it hard, or have any discrimination from potential employers because of your tattoos?
I was very careful when selecting tattoo areas on my body because of that, so when I was wearing a tiny tank top and shorts nothing is visible. I keep seeing castings that say either no tattoos or ask for a fully tattooed body! As much as the society might advance, I feel there will always be discrimination towards tattooed peepz to some degree unfortunately. I only had a few experiences with tattoo discrimination so far, but the biggest one was in the dance community, when me and my students were deemed bad influence to kids because of our ink, combined with the metal music I was teaching pole/aerial classes to. Being alternative in the true sense of the word is what I experienced discriminated for. These days it’s pretty hard to decipher alt from hipster since so many people are inked head to toe, dressing in all black while listening to i.e. r’n’b!

Photo: Quantography

What was your first job and how did you come about it?
Besides teaching dance classes since my 1st year of uni (ballroom and later pole/aerial), doing makeup, DIYing/rhinestoning costumes, my first and only “everyday” job was a university professor and researcher for a year at the age of 22 during my ph.D studies. I quit to pursue this career after working for a mobbing female mentor (can you guess the reason?). But hey, every experience in life is a step towards where you need to be =)

What would be your greatest achievement so far?
There is one thing I learned after living in Los Angeles for about 1.5 yrs – the biggest achievement you can have in this industry is to be a full time working SAG actor, or artist, or model. I’ve never waited a table in my life or worked at a call center/as a seller etc., and apparently that goal unlocked here. Coming from a teeny tiny country of Croatia that literally has no entertainment market, I am proud to carry the extraordinary alien title!

Photo: Tami Designs

If you could do anything in the tattoo community what would it be?
Sullen would be dope, but I am afraid I might not inked enough – I encounter that more often than not! Definitely more tattoo magazine covers, the last one was for Tattoo Kultur and I am excited for more with my brand new ink! So far I made 25 magazine covers over the world and my goal is to round that number up by the end of the year.

Lastly, where can your fans follow you?
My fave outlet is my Facebook fan page where I post daily:

I have a new Instagram account that I keep forgetting about, same with Twitter: @neadune

And lastly, my official website:

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Miss Mandy Motionless

A 20 year old California based model, artist, performer, and musician who is signed to the Ladies of Metal and Misschief productions, is painting and drawing heavily tattooed men and women, interviewing and writing, and modeling all while going to college full time. She travels the country doing comic cons and modeling performances. With her success she has successfully been main features at comic cons as well as had her modeling images displayed on magazine covers, she also just did the comic con exclusive cover for Lady Death - she works part time for Hack Shack Studios, an affiliate of DC Comics as well as at a drink and draw.
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