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Danii Valentine

Don’t crack under pressure 💖

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Where were you born and raised?
Mississauga, Ontario

When you were growing up, did you always imagine you would be tattooed?
Omg no never! Growing up I was always obsessed with art. I only started getting into tattoos in high school, I got my first one at 15. Even then, I couldn’t imagine getting as much ink as I have now. My perspective of art is constantly changing.

Skrtt skrtt ✨

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Do you have a favorite tattoo, if so, which one and why? And, do you have any ink that you wish you could cover up or be rid of entirely?
I do! My favourite is deff my siren tattoo (duh!) it’s probably the tattoo with the most depth and it’s done so beautifully by my amazing artist Mike Austin. As for getting rid of any, I’ve already had one tattoo covered up (a bird that was on my arm is now a skull) and I’m in the middle of completely removing a corporate robot tattoo on my lower back (my first tattoo). It’s such an eye sore I can’t wait for it to be gone!

What influenced you to get into modeling? Were you always on the path to being a model?
I actually got scouted when I was a baby for a pampers commercial. Unfortunately I cried my ass off as soon as they put the lights on me so nothing came of it. But when I got a little older (I was around 13 y/o) I went to modelling classes and went to finishing school and signed with my first agency. Unfortunately the whole experience showed me the dark side of the industry and I didn’t want any part of it. So I quit. I didn’t seriously start modelling again until 2015. And now it’s completely different because I get to actively create with other artists and collaborate.

Finessed ya girl

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What things do you do in your spare time that your fans do not know about?
Honestly, my job requires me to be very social so on my nights off I love staying in and keeping it low key. I love reading, going on Tumblr, taking bubble baths, etc.

Some business do not allow tattoos in the workplace, have you encountered any problems with this?
Thankfully those types of businesses are not ones I would be willing to work with. The only jobs I would ever want are ones that encourage expression and creativity. I’ve definitely experienced some stigma with my tattoos, but not in the work place. You wouldn’t catch me dead working behind a desk!


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What is your funniest tattoo memory? (E.X. Random person coming up to you on the street and touching your ink or perhaps a drunken tattoo).
People always think my robot tattoo (the one I’m removing) is Bender from Futurama! He doesn’t even look like him! Haha that tattoo in general is just hilarious but it’s done so badly I can’t wait to get rid of it!

As tattoos are becoming more and more accepted, do you think even Hollywood fashion models will adopt a ‘tattooed’ look. (I.E. A trend?)
I hope so! It only makes sense to mix mediums of art like tattoos and fashion. I think it currently is a trend, especially for celebrities to have tattoos!


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Are you planning on getting some fresh ink anytime soon?
DUH! My next sit is in November, stay tuned.

Who is your Instagram ‘Man Crush Monday/Woman Crush Wednesday’?
Ugh there’s so many! If I had to pick one I’d probably say Nikki Lipstick. She’s my goth mommy.


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