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Where were you born and raised?
I was born and raised mostly in Northern NSW. I also spent several years growing up in Cairns

When you were growing up, did you always imagine you would be tattooed? 
I have memories of watching my dad get tattooed in Byron Bay when I was younger and always wanted to get some too.  I never imagined i’d have as many as I do!

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Do you have a favorite tattoo, if so, which one and why? And, do you have any ink that you wish you could cover up or be rid of entirely?
My most recent ink is my favourite, my artist (Nik Hylo) worked magic tattooing thousands of tiny dots on my leg!

I have a lotus tattoo on the top of my back which I have had laser removal to. It still needs a few sessions but it hurts so much!

What influenced you to get into modeling? Were you always on the path to being a model?
When I was younger I was always encouraged to do modeling, but I was bullied a fair bit when I was in high school so I didn’t have much confidence. I have only in the last couple of years started to come out of my comfort zone and step in-front of a camera!

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What things do you do in your spare time that your fans do not know about?
I’m a bit of a nerd – will happily lose entire days to Mario Kart or Zelda.  My work life is busy and stressful so I’m quite lazy in my spare time, I don’t workout… I haven’t been inside a gym for an embarrassingly long time!

Some business do not allow tattoos in the workplace, have you encountered any problems with this?
I have never had problems with my tattoos at work, though being in nursing management I am conscious of where my tattoos are placed and what i wear to work each day. I have worked with many health professionals who have visible tattoos – hands and neck included!

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What is your funniest tattoo memory?
The time a very drunk friend lost balance and headbutt my hip, knocking us both over in a very busy bar because she was trying bending down to get a better look at my new tattoo

As tattoos are becoming more and more accepted, do you think even Hollywood fashion models will adopt a ‘tattooed’ look?
Tattoos are definitely more accepted socially and in Hollywood. Shows like LA and Miami Ink and models like Ruby Rose and SuicideGirls have helped change the perception of ink.

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Photo: lux.shooter

Are you planning on getting some fresh ink anytime soon?
I am! A Christmas gift to myself that I can keep forever!

Who is your Instagram ‘Man Crush Monday/Woman Crush Wednesday’?
I would brave icy London to see @itslaurendotcom – she is a dream!


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